Wednesday 20 Jun 2018 - 12:16 PM

    The BinBin web site was made to make life easier and give users real choice, however, we need to place the following legal statements on the site for, well, legal reasons.

    - The use of the BinBin website brings the following conditions with it:

    - The use of this web site and its data is striktly voluntary by both Internet Users and Affiliates

    - The data herein is owned and operated by BinBin and no licence to copy, clone or scrape the data is permissable without a written agreement by BinBin Directors

    - The usage of the data within BinBin is not guaranteed by any means as all data is submitted to BinBin by third parties.

    - Such data that may from time to time be entered and uploaded by BinBin is not guaranteed for accuracy or usage

    - All articles, buyers guides, and other opinion is only the opinions as expressed by users of BinBin and will not be subject to any form of guarantee by BinBin

    - Any opinion as expressed in any and all written data on the BinBin system is strictly the opinions of the author and not the opinion of BinBin.

    - BinBin will not be held liable for any opinion as expressed in written articles or any other written text that BinBin may have on the site.

    - All information including all and any written material on the BinBin site is under copyright restriction by BinBin.

    - Any data that is third party data is under copyright notice and enforcement by BinBin as well as the third party submitter

    - Information as provided by the BinBin site should be viewed as information that has to be confirmed by its external links, BinBin does not confirm or guarantee such information until it has been verified by a user on the external link website(s).

    - Images as presented on the BinBin website is strictly under copyright which is held by both BinBin and third party suppliers.

    - No downloading, scraping or cloning of images for any purpose is permissible without direct written agreement by BinBin and any third party supplier

    - BinBin will not be liable to any claim or liability from the usage of the BinBin web site or its information contained therein.

    - No information of the usage of the BinBin will ever be supplied to any third party, apart to advertisers, on the grounds that such data is periodically destroyed.

    - BinBin has no obligation to answer any email or any other communication from any user of the BinBin site as this is strictly on a voluntary basis.

    - The BinBin systems are based on non invasive internet technology but in the event that BinBins systems interferes or hamper any users internet browsers, or any part of a users computer systems, BinBin will not be held responsible.

    - Any attempt to penetrate our systems of any kind is not permissible and could lead to legal action.