Wednesday 20 Jun 2018 - 12:16 PM has a stringent privacy policy in place to protect our users from untoward tracking, cookie placement and or privacy recording. Our policy is open and as such we only use tracking to see which merchants, brands and or products are being clicked upon. This information we use to compile real ‘Top’ lists. We do not track individual users on the site itself.

    Our Server Activity Records

    We do not track anything you do when you leave our servers.


    We use a cookie to pass vital server variables that the system needs to give you your selected choices and once you leave our site this cookie is terminated. The data within this cookie is not used for individual on-site tracking for our consumption apart from when a product has been clicked. Once you leave our server environment this cookie is terminated and as such we do not have a record of your activities when you come back for a second look.

    Our Advertisers

    We do use advertisers and they do issue cookies on a frequent basis, these are used solely to give you adverts in relations to your activities here, no name or personal details are sent by us to our advertisers.


    All emails as sent to us we will regard as an option to receive further emails from us, unless you specifically state that you do not wish to have any emails from us in the future. We do not share our email database with any third party and we hate spam!

    If you have any further questions with regards to our service then please don’t hesitate to use our contact page.

    Further small print items:

    Third parties provide our information and we do not take any responsibility in the accuracy of this information or how it is used. We reserve our rights to disclaim any usage of our service for illegal activities or illegal searches performed in countries with anti freedom of speech laws. All searches and usage of information provided by us is done on a personal level and we will not accept any liability of the eventual usage of that information.